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Beware of excessive urine protein in children and pregnant women

Protein found in urine or proteinuria can occur to anyone, including children and pregnant women. Does the discovery of protein in the urine of children and pregnant women certainly indicate a health problem? Know the answer from the following explanation. One of the causes of proteinuria is impaired kidney filtering function. Impaired kidney function can not filter protein properly, so protein from the blood will enter the urine. As a result, found a large amount of protein in the urine. Urine Protein in Children In children, proteinuria can be caused by various things. In mild cases, proteinuria is only temporary and will disappear by itself. Mild proteinuria conditions can be caused by dehydration, fever, stress, to the influence of extreme cold temperatures. Usually, the condition of proteinuria will disappear by itself after the cause is resolved. High protein levels in a child's urine can be a sign of health problems. High urine protein levels are usually accompanied
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Don't Just Make, Fathers Also Must Be Good at Caring for Babies

A good father also needs to be involved in caring for the baby. Several studies have shown that the involvement of fathers in caring for infants also plays a role in children's health and development. For fathers, let's learn how to care for babies properly. Did you know that your participation in caring for your child can improve academic grades and achievements in the future? A study suggests that babies who are close to their father have more stable emotions, are confident in dealing with situations or meet new people, and are fond of learning new things. Tips for Fathers in Caring for Babies Seeing the facts above, it is appropriate that father also has a share in taking care of the baby. From now on, try to be more involved in caring for and looking after Little. Not only for the sake of building a strong bond with him, but also increasing harmony with his wife. The following are some tips on caring for your child that you can do: 1. Build strong inner bonds Altho

Tips for Caring for Short Hair To Stay Healthy and Beautiful

Although short hair is considered more manageable and practical, you still have to treat short hair. Same with long hair, short hair also needs treatment to stay healthy and beautiful. How to maintain or treat short hair in women is certainly not the same as men's short hair. Women need to do a certain way so that her short hair still looks beautiful and well cared for. Various Ways to Take Care of Short Hair Take care of the appearance of your short hair by doing a few easy tips below: Choose the right hair care products Choose the right hair care products. For example shampoo that suits your hair type. You who have dry hair, it is recommended to use a shampoo that contains natural oils, such as coconut oil, argan oil, grapeseed oil and avocado oil. If your hair is not problematic, use shampoo that can help make hair look fluffy. Usually the shampoo package will say 'volumizing' or increase hair volume. If your short hair has undergone a coloring process, choose a